Wings Touch True Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds


Wings Touch True Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds. Good day everyone complains so I picked up this ring of power pods at Amazon at 3,900. The box looks like it has power bank functions at two airports so before unboxing. I have to say I want you to know that.

Like a pillar bass that costs ten thousand to thirteen thousand rupees. but that would be equivalent to the quality of the top-end models. Or should we be sure that it is IP X5 water resistant D bus and 20-hour playtime touch?

Wings Touch True Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

So the box says it and lets me open the box that this casing was great and it comes with a soft pouch and lets me open the main case before I said it also provides.

The function of a power bank is 2500mAh along with their ports. the first part is finished with glass and the second part is matte. It is plastic however you can feel the quality of the plastic.

You saw the wings from the wings hey what is it okay let me open the airport power routes Ad Ports you just have to remove it from the power bank.

I really like the color of the blinking flanks at both airports. So this box actually comes with a USB charger. It is an old Android charger which is not a Type C but still serves that purpose.

Review them and send them an email so they’ll be encouraged how Ford Manuals and Skype can be used so let me get everything right there.

But these devices contain their own wires, which is the beauty of airports and the devil is one you can easily lose. I want to show you that some of these feather touch tests are working with these airports.

This is Feather Touch’s future is working really well and we have no problem with me just opening the binge or just playing the music and just exchanging it so this is the song that is currently playing in the airports and You see the change in the color indicator.

So it will double with ink and then pass as you see on each tap that it responds very fast and without an answer to the iPhone.

The right path is for the next track and if you press too long at this airport then. the volume on the left-hand side will decrease again and if you press on the right side the airport will increase the volume and this series will also increase in the future.

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