What Is Wireless Access Point and Wifi Router


What Is Wireless Access Point and Wifi Router? They are really different, so let’s talk about a WiFi router first. Now almost everyone who has an Internet connection will have a WiFi router, whether it’s a WiFi router or a separate device.

A Wi-Fi router is one that allows multiple wired and wireless devices to join together in the local area network, it will broadcast a Wi-Fi signal so that wireless devices cannot connect to it.

What Is Wireless Access Point and Wifi Router

Built-in switch with multiple network ports so that wired devices cannot connect to it using Ethernet cables and then. the Wi-Fi router can connect directly to a modem so that these devices have Internet access.

Here we have a common house where Rebellion L Desktops are connected to Wi-Fi routers. In which the bubbles use these switch cables and we also have laptops and tablets that are connected to the router wirelessly.

About a wireless access point, wireless AP rally data between a wired network and wireless devices is essentially a wireless hub. Used to connect existing wired networks to wireless devices.

A wireless app is directly connected to an organization’s router. Where the router is then directly connected to a modem. Which gives wireless devices access to the Internet.

Now wireless access points are primarily used by medium to large organizations.

And generally, an organization will have multiple access points to make sure it covers the entire building. so we have a medium-sized office in this office.

So the access point will be placed in a strategic place. each of them will be connected to the router using an Ethernet cable. once that is done they will broadcast the sub-WiFi signal.


 One of the main reasons is that larger organizations now use wireless access points instead of Wi-Fi routers. In fact, this office can use the Wi-Fi router instead of the wireless app and it will work fine.

 The firewall does not have a firewall at wireless access points while the Wi-Fi routers have a firewall. The Wi-Fi routers will also have a built-in DHCP service.

Where you plug in the network cable coming from your modem and that’s it. Which provides an Internet connection to your Wi-Fi router.

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