What is Computer Hardware and Software?


What is Computer Hardware and Software?  you will learn about computer hardware and the high purpose of hardware and software and software computers. help us to do our work easily whether it is solving a difficult math puzzle or writing a poem.

Computers can be simple and they can be complex, but they are made up of two components hardware and software hardware The physical parts of a computer are called hardware that you can see and touch.

What is Computer Hardware and Software

All hardware components can be further categorized as a hardware input device processing device and an output device such as a keyboard/mouse Juniata printer speakers.

Other hardware components outside the CPU box are inside the CPU box such as the hard disk CD drive motherboard SMP memory, etc.

CPU hardware inside the hardware device CD drive S The MPS motherboard provides some more snap-switched mode power supply power.

the tools inside my tee when I click on the start button all program and many names good. There are good questions that have the software installed on your computer.

A set of software instructions that tell the hardware what to do. The image format is shown on the desktop. There are two types of software that you can touch or not feel.

Application software system software is something else you can create an icon for any program on the desktop that you have designed the application software for specific purposes.

Below is some commonly used application software Paint is a software used for drawing and coloring Drop Photoshop.

MS Word is a word processor software used to create. edit images Windows Media Player is a software used to watch movies.

Software system software runs software software software controls.  when you start your computer.

the first software to run your computer is a system software called operating system OS. Windows 7 is the most popular operating system. Windows 8 is the most popular operating system.

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