The Best Computer Generations a Future in the world


The Best Computer Generations a Future in the world. Power was invented in the 20th century. so computers began to use the power of electricity. which led to the rapid development of computers. Let’s talk about how modern computers have produced generation after generation.

Thus, computers developed from 1942 to 1955 were called first-generation computers. Used vacuum tubes A vacuum tube consists of glass bulbs and wire is used to transmit data in the form of electronic signals.

The Best Computer Generations a Future in the world

First-generation computers were much more expensive and needed more power. ENIAC or electronic numeric integrators and second-generation computers in calculator first-generation computers were made between 1956 and 1964.

The difference is that second-generation computers used transistors instead of vacuum tubes because transistors are smaller than vacuum tubes in which computers were too small.

Size also became faster and cheaper from 19 – 65 to 1975. The integrated circuits of third-generation computers were introduced during the development of third-generation computers as small as an integrated circuit

As thousands of these integrated circuits made computers faster, cheaper. And smaller than the second-generation computers, which used less power and made fewer errors.

The microprocessor consists of a small silicon chip that houses thousands of circuits. The fourth-generation computers are kept. They are smaller portable and cheaper, they consume less power

These computers are the latest computers that scientists are now trying to develop in the fifth generation of computers in a way that they can think of II.

Artificial intelligence robots work on this technology called it. Now try to answer the question of which of the following terms is associated.

Scientists are trying to create artificial intelligence with fifth-generation computers that are made in different sizes. so that different people can use them for different purposes.

Let’s discuss them Supercomputers are extremely sophisticated computers that use sophisticated computers. a large number of data superpowers are used to solve complex numerical problems.

They have powerful processors and huge memories can work on hundreds of people at the same time. Many computers are smaller and smaller than mainframe computers. They are cheaper and they have less processing power.

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