Samsung Galaxy Laptop Chromebook hands 2020 Released


Samsung Galaxy Laptop Chromebook hands 2020 Released. So the Galaxy Chromebook appears sometime in the first quarter of this year and starts at 999. This is a lot of money for a Chromebook but before going for that value, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate this amazing hardware.

It should be good for about eight hours of battery life, and most importantly, it has an Intel 10th gen Core i5 processor. This stuff has enough processing power to run Chrome OS. Also, I mean, just look at this thing. The color you see here is called Fiesta Red and it is very intense.

Samsung Galaxy Laptop Chromebook hands 2020 Released


You can barely see them and there is a webcam with such a great job on it. This thing is less than 10mm thick which is pretty incredible and it’s also one of two. So it folds perfectly, it is made of aluminum, it looks like a really good build except it sinks a bit.

The screen you are paying for 999 is for this level of quality and hardware. So let’s just go back to this screen for a minute because that’s really the focus of this laptop.

It’s AMOLED and Samsung says it can go up to the HDR400 but you should know that you won’t do it everywhere because a flag of HDR content is locked behind the weird DRM and the Chrome OS This will need to be updated. anything. It looks really, really beautiful.

It’s really a touch screen and the thought is styled. It’s a bit inside the garage so you can pop it out and you can draw it with it, and it works just as well on any other Chrome device.

Really, my only complaint about this screen is that it is 16 by 22 which I personally don’t like but it seems like every laptop is doing what it is today. In terms of ports, this is quite standard for a Chromebook.

There are two USB-C ports and a microSD card slot for expansion. There’s also an eight-megapixel camera on the keyboard deck so you can use it as a camera in tablet mode if you really want to.

Speaking of decks, we need to talk about the keyboard that’s on the deck. A niche product, a very beautiful niche but still niche. Hey, thanks so much for watching.

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