New iPhone 11 Pro Max 2020 Review


The iPhone 11 Premix is? the first iPhone I’ve ever used and don’t need to panic. I’m not completely switching to Android anytime soon but man after actually testing me.

As it looks like a million different Android phones, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the iPhone is annoying. But sometimes you want your phone to become a phone in the device and something that can run all day and take photos and see any situation.

New iPhone 11 Pro Max 2020 Review

 This has been the case for most of the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s easy to get caught up in the tricks and in Android space

 Most work later and I can say that the iPhone is not really that fun but after using a little bit I can say that I enjoy this kind of silence for the old man. Battery life is crazy for reference.

Four could not even run one day now. The Pixel used to crush iPhones at charging speeds of 18 watts. but now Apple has upgraded the Pro model’s charging speed.

Photos definitely prefer slightly better pixel force images and color balance. but the iPhone is really close this year’s diffusion update didn’t really make a huge difference to the iPhone but overall.

First of all, it will be the interface that you have to put all your apps on the home screen in 2019 and why do you have to press the setting app to access the settings?

It’s really annoying you have to go back to your home app and then open the Settings app to change some basic features.  I really feel like Apple needs to be included in the notification shade.

 Talking about notifications they just pile up. Home screen If you don’t unlock your phone you only see a ton of notifications and they are now in these types of groups.

 But not as close to the group as I want and oh yeah I really miss. Google Assistant Pixel 4 and pretty much any other Android phone.e I’ve used it on all the time and Siri just doesn’t exist yet.

 So for the overall experience yes I still have to give it to Android on my end but honestly. it’s just useless that most apps are pre-made or better iOS has a lot of camera apps.

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