Introduction to Data Communication and Networks


Introduction to Data Communication and Networks. Models start with a brief introduction to data communication. The networking data communication refers to the transfer of digital data between two or more computer.

A computer network or data network is a telecommunications network that uses data to computers.

Introduction to Data Communication and Networks

A program is called a computer that is a set of data containing data, such as values ??or measurements. These numbers can be measurement observations so that only the details of things when we have two or more. Want to share data between computers, called data communication.

The need to build networks between them depends on the three fun effects of data communication. The basic features delivery system must provide data for accurate destination accuracy.

The system must ensure timely and accurate data Timely delivery of data is essential. The system needs timely delivery of data that arrives late in the data is useless.

Receives the transmission medium through which the message is travel protocol. Collection of Principles Overcoming Data Communication Now see how to combine two or more devices.

Two or more links from a topology meet topology, bus topology star topology color topology mesh topology. Let’s see each A bus topology is a type of bus topology network setup.


The color topology is the formation of a computer network where the computer and device of each. The network is connected to each other. which forms a large circle each packet is sent around the color even. It reaches its final destination mesh topology where a network is a setup.


Not used on because it is now difficult and expensive to have a spare connection to every computer. What is a computer network A computer network is a combination of computers and interconnected devices.

The five components in a data communication system is a message that describes information or data that includes text numbers in popular forms of information. Contains audio and video sender device data message It can be a computer workstation telephone handset video camera

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