How To Use Application Software and System Software



How To Use Application Software and System Software. If there is talk in another language but the machine understands that the computer understands only one language which is binary language zero.

Now if I am speaking English and the computer is not English then what to do with an interpreter? Requires and requires interface system software that acts as an interface

How To Use Application Software and System Software

Is the operating system, it is responsible for the functioning of all hardware components. Because you know a  user has found a CPU, it has a keyboard mouse printer video.

Our operating system is always very important if your computer does not have an operating system then it will not work because the operating system memory will run at this speed and many other functions.

Computer language is different and our language is different so when it comes to human and machine interaction we can simplify three types of language level language.

Zero wires and the binary language that the computer understands, then a little above the assembly-level language that we have in memory

So what will happen to these three languages ??as a language processor? Will the language processor convert a high-level language into an assembly level language or a machine level language that the computer

What a variety collector does and translates

What it does to the assembly will change the level of the assembly. Remember the program in the machine level program should have instructions in the machine language at the end of the program.

We understand that every line in a machine-level program line through a line will be converted to a machine level language that works.

Come to the device drivers as the name suggests that the device driver will take care of all the devices connected to the computer. So that these devices will work like a printer or fax machine which will then be used for the device drivers.

I just told you that the operating system is the software that handles all the devices so what the device actually does the operating system will communicate with the drivers of the device.

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