How to Install or Reinstall Windows 7 Any System


How to Install or Reinstall Windows 7 Any System. Let me show you how to format and install Windows 7, now I’m going to cover three things on how to install Windows 7 on a new hard drive. How to install or install Windows 7 if you have You already have the operating system installed

So the partitioning process is only for users who want to partition before installing Windows 7 so you can get started.
To restart your computer from a Windows 7 installation disk or a recovery disk in the drive, you should look for something like this if you see this when you boot up.

How to Install or Reinstall Windows 7

For the Windows 7 installation disk, you will need to change the boot sequence in the BIOS. I have a video tutorial that teaches you how to change the boot configuration in the BIOS link.

And then click on Insta Now you will accept the terms and conditions of the license and click on Next Click on Custom Advanced.

It looks like if you already have the operating system installed, you need to select Disk to install the clean and then click on Advanced Drive options And then click on Delete. This will delete your entire hard drive so make sure you have everything backed up and right.

Click on the alert message and select it with the same system and then click on delete and then click on OK Now. how does it look if you do not already have the operating system installed If you want to create a partition from it

So if you want to create 20 gigs partition you need to cancel 20,000 mega here. if you do not want to configure the partition just click next and it will install your windows 7 now.

Going to create a partition so I’m going to select from my 60 gigs 20,000 mags and then click on the request click on the alert

And now the system reserve here and my 20 gig partition have taken notice. that the 20 gig partition has already been selected and no one else has 40 gig space available for me to use.

Save the files or as something other than virtual memory or operating system .if I click on Next I’m going to install Windows 7 on my 20 gigs partition.

You no longer need to select an unallocated location after partitioning to install Windows 7. Your computer is going to be damaged after which you are going to get a badly partitioned hard drive.

So all you need to do is select and click on Next if you want to create a partition, just click and select the size of the partition you are going to configure. I’m going to create a 20g split and install my operating system on those 20 gigs in the mag so it’s 20kg.

And then apply yes to the warning ok ok apologize for the warning and it restores our system and the disk partition felt it already exists I just need to click on next to select. an hour to 45 minutes.

Keep in mind that when you watch the boot from a CD or DVD, do not click on install when it is installed. If in the process it will restart like three times.

Now it’s going to set up a computer for first-use video performances. Now all you need to do is type your name and click the computer’s name on the next setup password, and then the product on disk. Click Enter next to Key.

Or apply a blur on your computer to a stain and then click here next We can choose one of the recommended settings that I am going to use and then set your time zone, which means Eastern Time And then click on Next If you select Home then click on Home Network. It is an easy thing that you need to do a cautious kind of thing. Now you have successfully installed Windows Seven.

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