How does the Internet work in Life?


How does the Internet work in Life?. The data center which can be thousands of miles away from you has your video stored inside it. how does this data reach your mobile phone or a laptop? An easy way to achieve this goal would be with the use of satellites.

From the data center, a signal could be sent to the satellite via an antenna, and then from the satellite, a signal could be sent to your mobile phone via another antenna near to you.

How does the Internet work in Life?

However, this way of transmitting signals is not a good idea. Let’s see why. The satellite is parked nearly 22,000 miles above the earth’s equator, so in order for the data transmission to be successful, the data would have to travel a total distance of 44,000 miles.


Your phone could be connected to the internet via cellular data or any Wi-Fi router, but ultimately at some point, your phone will be connected to this network of optical fiber cables We saw at the beginning that the video you are currently watching is stored inside a data center.

To be more specific, it is stored in a solid-state device within the data center. The server is simply a powerful computer whose job is to provide you the video or other stored content when you request it.

Now the challenge is how to transfer the data stored in the data center specifically to your device via the complex network of optical fiber cables. Before proceeding further we should first understand an important concept which is the concept of an IP address.

You can consider the IP address similar to your home address that is the address, that uniquely identifies your home. Any letter sent to you reaches you precisely because of your home address. Similarly in the internet world, an IP address acts as a shipping address through which all information reaches its destination.

Your internet service provider will decide the IP address of your device and you are able to see what IP address your ISP has given to your mobile phone or laptop. The server in the data center also has an IP address.

The server stores a website so you can access any website just by knowing the server’s IP address. However, it is difficult for a person to remember so many IP addresses.

To access the internet we always use domain names instead of the complex IP address numbers. From where does the internet get IP addresses corresponding to our domain name requests. Well, for this purpose the internet uses a huge phone book known as DNS.

The DNS server provides the same service to the internet. Your internet service provider or other organizations can manage the DNS server.

Let’s have a recap of the whole operation. You enter the domain name, the browser sends a request to the DNS server to get the corresponding IP address. Once the server gets a request to access a particular website the data flow starts.

These light pulses sometimes have to travel thousands of miles via the optical fiber cable to reach their destination.

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