History of 1ST and 5TH Generation of Computer


History of 1ST and 5TH Generation of Computer. How modern computers were developed from generation to generation, called computers of the first generation from 1942 to 1955.

A vacuum tube consists of glass bulbs and wire used to transmit data in the form of electronic signals. The first generation computers were much more expensive.

History of 1ST and 5TH Generation of Computer


Excessive power required ENIAC or electronic numeric integrator and calculator second generation computers were developed between 1956 and 1964 in first-generation computers.

Size also became faster and cheaper from 19 – 65 to 1975. The integrated circuits of third-generation computers were introduced during the development of third-generation computers as small as an integrated circuit or IC transistor but could work so fast.

second-generation computers

And smaller than the second-generation computers, which used less power and made fewer errors, the computers that were manufactured since 1975 are called fourth generation computers.

Fourth-generation computers

Fourth-generation computers use microprocessors The microprocessor consists of a small silicon chip with thousands of circuits placed on fourth-generation computers.

And the fifth generation computers were developed. These computers are the latest computers that scientists are now trying to develop in the fifth generation computers as they think of II.

Now try to answer the question of which of the following terms is associated with the development of fifth-generation computers. Trying to develop artificial intelligence with.

Computers are made in different sizes so that different people can use them for different purposes.

Supercomputers are extremely sophisticated computers that use complex processes and require a large number of data Computers are used to solve complex numerical problems.

Predict and analyze scientific or engineering problems Mainframe computers are big and expensive. They have powerful processors and huge memories can work on hundreds of people. Many computers are smaller and smaller than mainframe computers.

Laptop computers

Laptop computers are smaller but more expensive than desktop computers, also called notebooks, which can be powered by batteries and since they are portable they are mostly used when traveling on mobile devices and tablet laptops. Information that is smaller than computers is used to manage play games.

E-Books Look

Read E-Books Look at the Icon This embedded computer displays an embedded computer is a microprocessor installed in a device to control its operation.

Smart devices and specialized computers for performing specialized companies now try to answer this question. It is used to manage the following appointments and daily schedules.

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