Example of the Computer Network System


Example of the Computer Network System. You’ve probably already heard of them in some other types of networks that are ranked on their purpose called special-purpose networks.

Now talking about LAN, which means the local area shows the name of a network like the local area network. It aims to connect all the computers that you have at home or in your office. Living inside a bully Sometimes your LAN is completely wireless.

Example of the Computer Network System

 The network is JOE, a small network in his home. The connects to his computer to his router. Internet connection with his brothers and sisters.

If you work with computers, you have probably heard terms like RAM hard drive and processor mentioned by tech support. Other people who have always wondered if you are interested in computers.

What are the different components of your computer?

But I didn’t really have time to consider it. So this video is just for you while each of these components is so complex to spend a lifetime. I give a general broad overview and a general desktop. Can The computer comes in seven essential parts

Power Supply Motherboard CPU RAM Hard drives and graphics cards are the basic components of any desktop computer. That may seem difficult at first so let’s separate them into two categories for beginners to simple and sophisticated.


Which plugs into the wall and supplies power to other parts that you need so that you can think of it as the motherboard to mention the last part of a very advanced AC adapter is the motherboard The board is a wide and flat circuit.

The boards to which all other components are plugged in, which allows all these components to send electrical currents, compile data between each other, especially not expensive Motherboard is the most reasonable

The work is known Now let’s talk about the Metropolitan Area Network. This is my country and some company Xyz. whose headquarters are in the central office, design their products here.

There are now some special purpose networks such as a storage area network (SAN) storage area network which is another enterprise private network. Used between different storage devices without connecting to a local area network.

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