Best Tutorial for MS Excel Training of Microsoft Excel


Best Tutorial for MS Excel Training in Microsoft Excel. MS Excel workbook, worksheet format worksheets, print worksheets and workbooks on this workbook. After completing the unit, you should be able to work primarily in Microsoft Excel applications.

NS Excel features worksheet editing worksheet articles, math calculation formatting is applied to the worksheet print worksheet. the workbook when you use numeric numbers like profit and loss statements. When working with statistics, you need a budget plan or sales forecast to request a spreadsheet.

Best Tutorial for MS Excel Training of Microsoft Excel

Such data manipulation Microsoft Excel helps you organize and analyze these data Excel’s core feature involves working on many worksheets, giving you the last 16 options to undo the drag and drop feature. It allows you to move text images and other components up to 32,000 characters in the workbook.

The same cell drawing toolbar lets you draw different objects. Ts Auto Shape Lines and Boxes You can also insert images using the clip art gallery.

You can use math functions to create calculations. MS Excel gives you a large number of financial data and the automated feature of the data functions allows you to easily type automatically feature allows you to.


The area is a grid of rows and columns. The number of rows is from 1 to 65,536. The columns on the left side of the worksheet are listed from one to four. These are 256 columns in the current box. The formula bar shows the contents of the current cell status bar, as shown in the Reference box of the current box.

Existing Status and Other Indicators We will now create a new workbook in MS Excel Select the File menu and select a dialog box in which you can create a general workbook or create a custom workbook.

In a selected cell, we typed the profit statement in cell 1 into cell A2 in 2003. this worksheet shows that we will now learn to save this workbook, select the File menu and select the CTL key. Select the Save dialog box that appears. By default the name of the workbook is Book.

Cell C9 will use the Autosium feature to calculate total sales and costs and press the Auto button on the toolbar. It automatically inserts a formula for you, starting with the equals symbol. And a range of cells in which cell C4 is exposed.

Formulas separated by a colon on cell c8 ends with closing parentheses. The specific threshold pair appears. Calculates the total expenditure. This mouse moves the pointer to the bottom right corner of cell c9.


Calculate the profit which will be the cost of this Lama Boot City Press. Go to cell E5 and press the equal sign c5 – d 5. Enter the profit.

7 It is important to note that the cell reference will change automatically We will now learn to format the contents of the left mouse button on the worksheet and select the cells from A1 to F2 select format menu. The Cell Dialog Box appears horizontal from the Selection Alignment tab

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