Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing and Review


Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing and Review. So, in addition, they also launched a new Titanium and a Titanium Black, both of which look really cool. I had the opportunity to check them out in the Apple program. I personally ordered ceramic so I’ll probably be inboxing it when I arrive.

But, right now we have this pink aluminum to check. So let’s just inbox. (Ah) this is always very interesting while boxing a new Apple Watch. Their packaging is very thoughtful.

Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing and Review

(Open the package) (laugh) That’s it! Oh, and all these new watches are on their little packaging too. here it is. Here’s a watch band. Okay fine. this is awesome. Are you ready (Laughs) Oh, it also has a little pink little dust cover?

Oh wow Well, maybe I want that now. Pink in aluminum super. Of course, the Apple Watch comes with a charger and a five-watt charging brick.

Now we need our watch band. (Sliding cardboard) If they didn’t launch a new ceramic, if they didn’t launch a new ceramic, this would probably be the color I chose. I just love this little cute little cover.

I’m going to save him. So, of course, put your Apple Watch on and keep it close to the camera. Setting Up a New Apple Watch on a New iPhone

So one of the things new to this Apple Watch is that it always has a contaminated display, which is nice because I think you guys are very familiar, especially if you use Apple watches before this gesture.

Another thing new in this Apple Watch is that if you enable cellular, you can use Emergency Calling International. So, it looks like it’s still compatible.

I think, as soon as it’s notified of me, I’ll be back and, we’ll be back to a new place. (Upbeat music) So, I’ve been using the Apple Watch for two days now, and I can’t stress enough how much I love the original on-display.

Obviously, this is the latest feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 but it’s something I didn’t realize how much I wanted until I had it. I went hiking this morning, and this was the first time I had the chance to actually use this Apple Watch.

So, for this kind of thing tracking, Apple Watch is definitely one of the best devices out there. There are more So whatever it is that you decide to use if it helps motivate you and keep you accountable then use it.

But, to me, this is the Apple Watch. It’s also crazy to see the progress you make because you have all that data. I just tested the new compass feature which is really cool because it will tell you which direction you are going.


What I have always loved about the Apple Watch is that your heart health can be tracked. Therefore, the ECG is always capable of taking the data, always. I mean, I’ve had health data for the past five years, like I’ve worn an Apple Watch.

And that’s where I think a new health research app would be really cool. So, basically you can choose to share your data so that researchers and analysts can get all the data and make sense of it.

And the latest updates to WatchOS, they have a decibel meter. Quite frankly I haven’t tried it yet. So this is your first time trying it. I have to be really stressed out and loud. So I’m probably going to reduce this volume, but you can see on the decibel meter.

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